Bunny Dedication for the ‘Pushpa’ Movie

Pushpa Movie : Leading actors experimenting with characters are Kamal Haasan and Vikram Chiyan. How hard they like to entertain the audience with their characters. That’s why they always surprise with a different look with different stories. Kamal and Vikram have become famous actors in the film industry. Icon star Allu Arjun has also joined the list. It is known that Allu Arjun is currently making a Pan India movie ‘Pushpa’ movie. Directed by Creative Director Sukumar, the film is set against the backdrop of red sandalwood smuggling.

Bunny Dedication for the 'Pushpa' Movie
Bunny Dedication for the ‘Pushpa’ Movie

It seems that the stylish star is going to entertain with a mass look like never seen before. Urmas is going to play the terrible smuggler Pushparaju. However, in this, Bunny is working hard for his look. Bunny, who looks like a stylish Lover Boy, is makingover himself to look like a floral king in this movie. Spending more than 3 hours applying and applying makeup on the day set. With ringleted hair and a beard, Tan is doing a touch up on a heroic look. In this movie, it takes two hours for Allu Arjun to put on make-up and over an hour to remove that make-up.

Seeing his dedication, the director and the rest of the team on the set are getting fed up. Also, every day he sees patience in the matter of make-up and showers the weekend with praise. Knowing this, Icon Star fans are going to be surprised. It is learned that ‘Pushpa’ part one will be released on Christmas day. However, Kamal Haasan .. They wear make-up for 4 hours for a military look in an Indian movie. Not to mention how hard Dashavataram worked for the film. Vishwaroopam worked hard for make-up related to attire. In the movie I, Vikram worked hard for his look. An example of this is his look in the film.

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